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The JCR made it into Stanley just after lunch on Christmas Eve. It was strange coming back into where we had been only a few weeks earlier. It had seemed hilly and remote the first time, but after the ice cliffs and empty islands further South it looked a bit more hospitable now!

As soon as the ship had passed custom’s we made a dash to Peacocks, the only clothes shop in Stanley. Having not expected to still be with the ship come Christmas party frocks had not been packed. Luckily there was enough of a selection that we didn’t all match!

Christmas Day started with a phone call from home and a run along the sea front. We had organised a scientists secret santa and, after complaints from some of those not included, a ship-wide secret santa too. During Christmas morning parcels started appearing under the tree. Official celebrations began with pre-lunch drinks and present swapping. Some of the gifts were amazing, especially considering the limited resources available on a ship. I gave fridge magnets and a tutu, and got an engraved glass and ropework keyring.

After the drinks we enjoyed a turkey curry Christmas dinner complete with stuffing samosas. There was no way I could manage Christmas so close to the sea without going in it -in the afternoon a group of us walked to the closest beach, Surf Bay, for a quick dip. The water was¬†surprisingly¬†warm (or at least not cold), whether this was due to the multiple G & T’s or Falklands summer time I’m not sure. As we were enjoying post-swim beer and jaffa cakes we spotted a seal where we had been moments before.

At 6 am on Boxing Day we set off to the airport for 16 hours of flights back to the UK. 24 hours after leaving the ship I made it back home to start the family Christmas celebrations!

I had a brilliant few weeks on the JCR – the crew and officiers were amazing, the scientists made me feel at home, the penguins were amusing. I hadn’t been looking forward to spending Christmas away from home, but it ended up much better than I could have imagined. I now need to find a way to make my modelling PhD involve some ship time…

Finally, here is what has been going on in my office whilst I’ve been away:



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